Many people struggle with getting to the office or any other place of work on time. While some men struggle with it, it is more with ladies. Women have a long list of things to do before stepping out, applying makeup is among the things which take a lot of their time. If you are among the people who take a lot of time to apply makeup, this article will be of great help to you. Read on to get tips which will help you reduce the time used in applying your makeup.

Preparation is key

makeupProper planning and preparation is key to the success of anything including makeup application. Many people, however, underestimate this tip. Get your makeup and beauty kit ready at night. It will save you the minutes spend looking for it in the morning. Before relaxing to bed, make sure that all the products to be used are lined up such that no time is wasted sorting them out in the morning.

Only used foundation only when necessary

One of the ways to save time with the foundation is applying it strategically. How is this done? Apply it in a T shape. That is from under the eyes and from the nose to the bottom chin. These are the areas that always need foundation. After application spread it outwards with a damp makeup sponge.

Use your lipstick as a blush

Did you know that you can add color to your cheeks using your lipstick? Yes, lipstick can be used as a blush. To achieve that, use your fingers to apply lipstick on your lips. The excess lipstick is the one to be applied to the cheeks. This way, you will have hit two birds with one stone and saved a lot of time.

Make use of cream makeup products

lipstick, makeupWith cream makeup products you will not be required to use different makeup brushes. To save time used to locate different brushes, use your fingers to apply your makeup. This too will save time used to clean makeup brushes from time to time.

Eyeshadow palette

A palette that comes with complementary shades saves you time. You will not spend time trying to figure out which eyeshadow shade goes well with which one. You will get the best blends without wasting a lot of your time. The darkest shade can be used as the eyeliner saving you a lot of the time.