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Look Dev / Concept / Model / Texture / Illustration
Seattle, WA
During my 25-year career in the film visual effects and game art design industries, I've worked as Sculptor, Fabricator, Animator, Concept Artist, Texture Artist, Character Modeler and Art Director on over 30 films and many game projects.
To continue my career as an Artist and Designer, applying my extensive experience and skills to highly creative projects, whether full-time or freelance.
Contract artist on the game Evolve, providing concept and modeling support.

SF Bay Area / Seattle, WA
- Present
Freelance Concept Artist/Sculptor
For several years I have taken on freelance work in addition to my full-time employment. I have worked for directors such as Guillermo Del Toro and Robert Zemeckis, and production designers such as Martin Whist from Bad Robot. I am often hired for 2D or 3D concept, but have also created physical models, or "maquettes," for films and games.
I am capable of working either remotely, in my home studio, or in person, alongside the director (as I did with Del Toro.) I truly enjoy the variety of this kind of work. My goal is to expand my freelance work to include illustration and other print projects.


2013 Passengers : Concept, The Weinstein Company, George Hull Inc.
2012 Jupiter Ascending : Concept, Warner Bros
2011 Matterhorn : Concept, Tippett Studio/Disney
2011 Warm Bodies : Concept, Summit Entertainment
2009 Splice : Concept, Copperheart Entertainment
2009 Surrogates : Concept, Disney
2007 Beowulf : Maquette Sculptor, Iceblink studio
2007 Enchanted : Maquette Sculptor, Tippett Studio
2006 Santa Clause III : Concept, Tippett Studio
2005 The Wild : Concept, Complete Pandemonium
1991 Star Trek IV, The Undiscovered Country : Sculptor, Background Klingon Masks
1990 Arachnophobia: Sculptor, Chris Walas Inc.
1988 The Chilling : Various Zombie/Gross Makeup Effects
1987 The Vineyard : Various Zombie/Gross Makeup Effects
Remote, Seattle
- Present
Turtle Rock Studios
Contract artist on the game Evolve, providing concept and modeling support.
Kirkland, WA
2012 - 2013
2D/3D Concept Artist
343 Industries, Microsoft Game Studios
I joined 343 Industries toward the end of production on Halo 4. Primarily created environment concept art in both 2D and 3D for use in multiplayer maps. Also contributed additional 2D and 3D concept art for a yet unnamed follow-up project that is currently in production.


Halo 4 : Concept/Model/Texture
Unannounced project : Concept
Bellevue, WA
2008 - 2012
Concept Artist, Model, Texture
Valve Software, Inc.
I worked on several games, with varying levels of responsibility. My most significant project was Left4Dead 2 where I designed, modeled and textured several key characters, and refurbished a number of characters from the original Left4Dead. In addition, I painted textures for props and illustrated magazine covers for marketing.


Left4Dead 2 : Concept/Model/Texture/Illustration
Portal 2 : Concept
Counterstrike 2 : Concept
Dota 2, Defense of the Ancients : Concept/Model/Texture
Berkeley, CA
1991 - 2008
Art Director, Animation Supervisor, Concept, Senior Animator, Fabricator
Tippett Studio, Inc.
I came to Tippett Studio in the early 1990's, initially as a sculptor and mold-maker. I soon found myself in the middle of an enormous change in the industry, as the film we were working on, Jurassic Park, shifted from what was going to be a primarily "practical" effects film, using stop motion and physical puppets and animatronics, to a CGI effects film. This marked a change for all film special effects. The studio made the transition to the new technology and I was fortunate enough to be a part of it. It was at this time that I went from practical effects (sculpture and fabrication) to digital (keyframe animation, concept art and VFX art direction.)


2008 X Men Origins, Wolverine : Concept
2008 Cats and Dogs, Revenge of Kitty Galore : Concept
2008 Beverly Hills Chihuahua : Teaser Trailer Art Director
2008 Cloverfield : Creature effects Art Director
2008 The Spiderwick Chronicles : Concept
2005 Constantine : Concept
2004 The Mask II, Son of the Mask : Animator
2004 The Stepford Wives : Animation Supervisor
2004 Starship Troopers II : Animation Supervisor
2003 The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen : Creature Effects Art Director
2002 Blade II : Lead Animator
2001 The One : Animator
2001 Cats and Dogs : Animator
2001 Evolution : Creature Effects Art Director/Lead Designer
1999 The Haunting : Lead Animator
1998 Practical Magic : Animator
1997 My Favorite Martian : Animator
1997 Virus : Animator
1996 Starship Troopers : Sculptor/Fabricator/Lead Animator
1995 Aftershocks, Tremors II : Modeler/Animator
1994 Dragonheart : Dragon Designer/Sculptor/Fabricator
1994 Three Wishes : Animator/Fabricator
1993 Coneheads : Creature Designer/Sculptor/Stop Motion Puppet Fabricator
1992 Jurassic Park : Animatics Mold Maker/Fabricator
San Francisco, CA
Co-founder/Senior Artist
Massive Black, Inc.
I co-founded Massive Black, an art and design outsourcing company specializing in concept art and asset creation for games and film. At the time I was there we had our main office in San Francisco and an additional office staffed in Shanghai, China. During my tenure we primarily focused on game art and assets, some of our clients included:

Acclaim Studios
Ion Storm
Backbone Entertainment
Factor 5
Sega America
Stormfront Studio
Junction Point
and more

In addition to the day to day work, MB supported the concept art community with, a website created by Jason Manley.

I returned to Tippett Studio in 2006 for two more years before making the move to Seattle, WA. Massive Black is still turning out great work.
San Francisco, CA
Prop Department Fabricator
(Colossal) Pictures, Inc.
I worked on several projects at the commercial production house and sound stage, Colossal Pictures, in-between projects at Tippett Studio. Under supervisor Jamie Hyneman (from Myth Busters fame) I fabricated props for various commercials. Colossal closed it's doors and became Wild Brain Studios in 1999.


1992 Miller Lite Beer : Sculptor
1992 Days Inn : Sculptor/Fabricator
1992 MGD Miller Genuine Draft commercial : Fabricator
1993 Nynex Telephones : Sculptor/Fabricator

(Dates are approximate.)
Los Angeles, CA
1989 - 1991
Sculptor/Fabricator/Mold Maker
Kevin Yagher Productions, Inc.
Kevin Yagher Productions (KYPI) was one of my first Industry jobs. KYPI is a Makeup Effects and Special Effects Prop studio. I worked on a variety of Films and TV projects, mostly sculpting and fabricating various costumes, masks and props. It was a tremendous learning experience and gave me many artistic tools and techniques I still use today.


1991 HBO Tales From The Crypt : Sculptor/Fabricator
1991 Honey, I Blew Up the Kid : Sculptor
1990 Child's Play 3 : Sculptor
1989 Of Mice and Men : Sculptor/Fabricator
1989 Bill and Teds Bogus Journey : Sculptor/Puppeteer/Alex Winter Hand Double(!)
1989 Radio Flyer : Sculptor/Fabricator/Puppeteer

In addition to full-time and freelance work, I also on occasion teach or participate in workshops where I demo, instruct and give portfolio advice to attendees.

Live demo and instruction
2006, San Francisco
2007, Montreal
2010, San Francisco

"Creature Sculpting with Peter Konig"

'Creature Sculpting with Peter Konig'
Downloadable class (unrelated to previous.)

10-week online ZBrush Creature Sculpting Master Class
Starting Wednesday Sept 4 Hit link for more info!

'Gnomon Workshop Live'
Sept 21-22, 2013; live demo and lecture with top entertainment industry professionals.

'Step by Step'
Complete maquette sculpting demo available on
(Received over a million and a half views to date.)
Technical Skills
Software I use currently, or have used:

Zbrush, Modo, Photoshop, 3dCoat, Maya, BodyPaint, Sketchup, After Effects, Mudbox, SoftImage

Additional Software:

Ableton Live, Cubase, Renoise

General Hardware used in practical effects and fabrication:

Bridgeport Milling Machine, Bridgeport Flat Table Grinder, Metal Lathe, and most general workshop tools. (My Father ran a tool and die company where I worked in my early years.)
Appearances in Websites and Print Publications :

Websites: : The Half-Eaten Valve Art of Peter König : Interview : Featured artist : Interview : Intervew : Interview : Movie credits/profile


3D Artist Magazine UK : Intervew
Gorezone Magazine : Pictured
Animato Japan : Dragonheart
Cinefex :
Apr 2010 : The Tippett Touch
Apr 2008 : Cloverfield
Apr 2005 : The Son Of The Mask
Oct 1999 : The Haunting
Apr 1998 : Starship Troopers
Jun 1996 : Dragonheart
Aug 1993 : Jurassic Park
Nov 1992 : Honey I Blew Up The Kids

Misc. Info
Dick Smith, Makeup Effects Course, 1986

I was one of a fortunate few to take part in a mail correspondence course offered by legendary makeup effects artist Dick Smith (Amadeus, The Exorcist, Altered States.) In the course, he revealed many of the secrets and skills he had acquired over his long, groundbreaking career. Students were hand-picked by Smith through an application process, then guided through the lengthy course, throughout which he provided advice and guidance. Dick is one of the founding fathers of modern film effects and one of the reasons I pursued a career in the industry, so to receive his coveted instruction was a great honor for me. He has remained a great source of inspiration throughout my career.